My writing ‘journey’ may be a little different to some you’ve read.

Dropping out of school aged 16, I’ve spent the past 25 years in London, working with people managing poor mental health, autism, disabilities, substance misuse, HIV, financial issues, refugee status, cognitive impairment, homelessness and chronic health problems.

Alongside this, I’ve lived on Indian ashrams, been a 90s raver, travelled throughout Ghana, South Africa and India, met with gurus in London and Germany, and dealt with the rich and famous in a Harley Street clinic.

Needing change, new experiences and fresh perspectives, in 2014 I decided to return to education.

I graduated with a BA Hons (1st) History degree with Queen Mary, University of London, July 2018.

I also have a qualification in Creative Writing (3 distinctions, Access to HE diploma).

Studying History honed my skills in research, critical analysis, proof-reading and editing – and has really fired my enthusiasm for writing.

I’ve researched and written about everything from Gandhi to Oscar Wilde, Victorian cross-dressers to Sri Lankan suicide bombers, 20th century activism to 19th century clairvoyants, Mexican eugenics to New York voguing – as well as the histories of male crying, psychiatry, political sex scandals, slave resistance and loneliness.

I also have a diverse range of personal interests that include food, Eastern spirituality, electronic music and niche perfumery.

My wide variety of social and academic experience now informs my writing. The clarity, flexibility of communication and empathy that were crucial aspects of my professional roles have become integral to it.

I specialise in writing about Wellness and History, but can turn my hand to most subjects, producing well-researched, original and persuasive copy that connects directly with your readers.

Get in touch here to discuss how I can assist you with your writing needs, or email me at

I look forward to working with you.